​​Recycle in a Big Way!

Do you have old items you've been meaning to get rid of, but won't fit in your garbage or recycling cart?  As a San José resident in a single-family home you may schedule one large item collection (for up to three items) at no extra cost through June 30, 2016. With large item collection, you may leave up to three items at the curb which will be picked up by your recycling collection company. Large items include mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and more. To take advantage of large item collection, call and schedule a pick up date with your recycling collection company.

For downtown, north, east, and south San José, call California Waste Solutions at
(408) 213-7800.
For west San José, call GreenTeam of San Jose at
(408) 282-4400.

After taking advantage of the one large item collection at no extra cost, the fee for additional large item collections is $27.00 (for up to three items), and is paid directly to your recycling collection company. Residents in an apartment or condominium should contact their property manager to arrange a large item collection at no extra cost. 

 For more information, Frequently Asked Questions, and a list of eligible items can be found at:




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Council Commitee

  • ​Transportation & Environment Committee (TE)
  • Neighborhood Services & Education Committee (NSE)

Minimum wage employees who work in San José will receive a 10 cents per hour raise starting January 1, 2017. Under the initiative approved by San José voters in 2012, the minimum wage will increase from $10.30 to $10.40 per hour. To prevent inflation from eroding the value of the minimum wage, the initiative ordinance requires increases to take effect each year based on the Consumer Price Index (Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, U.S. City Average for All Items.) Over the last 12 months (August 2015 to August 2016), the CPI increased .7 percent. If the CPI remains the same or decreases, the minimum wage in San José would remain the same.

Information about the San José minimum wage law, including wage posters, frequently asked questions, and how to file a complaint, can be found at http://sanjoseca.gov/minimumwage. The San José Office of Equality Assurance can be reached by phone, (408) 535-8430, or emailSJMWO@sanjoseca.gov. The San José Minimum Wage Initiative was approved by San José voters in November 2012 and took effect on March 11, 2013. The law requires employers operating within the city limits of San José to pay their employees a minimum of $10.00 per hour with annual CPI increases. The law applies to most San José employers and to some employers outside the city limits when they do business in San José. Employers that maintain a facility in San José or are subject to the San José Business Tax are required to comply with the ordinance. The Minimum Wage Ordinance also requires employers that are based outside the San José city limits to pay the minimum wage to any employee who performs two or more hours of work per week in San José

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